KuneKune Pigs

KuneKune PigsThe KuneKune Pig originated in New Zealand. Kept by the Maori people as a food source, the KuneKune is hearty, docile, and disinclined to roam. Their ability to thrive on pasture with little to no supplementation has titled them the grazing pig. Their wide head, dished face, and short, upturned snout speak to their ability and tendency to graze rather than root.

Colorful coats and wattles accentuated the distinct appearance of the breed. KuneKune’s are relatively small in comparison to other breeds with boars averaging between 150-250 lbs. and sows 125-220 lbs.

KuneKune Pigs are very hardy and thrive in all types of climates with good husbandry.

kunekune pigs

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