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imageWelcome to Dayhen Farm

Dayhen Farm is located near Saint Charles, Iowa – where our focus is breeding and raising Kunekune pigs while promoting the breed for pasture, pork, & progeny. Our Kunekune Pig breeding program utilizes only the best examples of the breed –as defined by the AKPR American Standard of Perfection. Our stock is 100% pure bred Kunekune.

USDA OrganicCertified Organic Fed Pork

We also have strong principals on the practice of good animal welfare. All of our pigs are fed certified organic feed. We don’t use hormones or antibiotics to artificially promote growth in our pigs.   They are raised outside on open pastures where they can graze, socialize, and be pigs.

Organic Certification for our Farm

We are stewards of the land and believe in the development of biological diversity, and the maintenance and replenishment of soil fertility. What is good for the land is ultimately good for your health. We practice Organic Stewardship on the farm and hope to receive organic certification in the coming years.

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Dawn Larson
Ph: 515-423-4288